Biomechanics software for professionals.

Welcome to Kintelligent Systems. We create biomechanics software to post-process motion capture data. Our software allows biomechanics professionals to significantly reduce the time required to process large datasets. Biomechanics Software kintetics and kinematics analyzer

Powerful Features.

With just a couple of clicks, extract maximums, minimums and ranges for joint angles, moments, forces and powers. Export results to Excel ®, including data for single trials, as well as a subject averages and ensemble averages.

Easy to Use.

Setting up your analysis is simple. Import your *.C3D files, select the variables to be analyzed, visualize the data, select the outcome measures, and export the results. Dynamic interaction with the data allows you to discard bad trials and recalculate data on the fly with no hassle.

Intuitive Interface.

We make it easy for you to use our tools and focus on getting your results. The data visualization tools let you see errors and reduces the risks of bad data and results.


Built for Professionals

Being biomechanists ourselves, we’ve built our software from the ground up to solve your problems.

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